How to Make Cowboy Coffee

Camp Coffee

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Making camp coffee….

I read the other day a another way to make your coffee, this is actually a great way to brew coffee while you are off in the wilderness camping and enjoying nature. Who hasn’t wanted to be a cowboy at one time or another. While you may not be able to rustle up some cattle, you can at least make your coffee just like the cowboys used to. For this method, all you will need is a basic kettle or pot.

1. Place your coffee into the bottom of the kettle.
2. Add the desired amount of water.
3. Place on a heating source. This could be a campfire if you are camping or it could even be your stovetop if you are at home.
4. Stir the coffee and the water before he gets too hot.
5. All the water to come to a boil and remain that way for a couple of minutes.
6. Remove from the heating source and wait while the grounds settle to the bottom of the kettle.
7. Pour you a cup and enjoy! Bill Mac

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